What is R.I.L.?

  • R.I.L. is a non-profit organisation working to improve housing conditions for the people in Pointe-Saint-Charles.
  • R.I.L. helps people take charge of their living-conditions including housing.
  • R.I.L. is controlled and administered by Pointe-Saint-Charles citizens.

What has the R.I.L. has accomplished over 25 years?

  • R.I.L. has provided low-cost housing to more than a thousand Pointe-Saint-Charles families
  • R.I.L helped set up 85% of the self-administered social housing projects in Pointe-Saint-Charles.
  • R.I.L helped 1500 housing renters get a better deal in the area.

The R.I.L. and the future of Pointe-Saint-Charles…

  • The R.I.L. and its members intend to provide 1000 new cooperative housing units in the coming years.
  • The R.I.L. intends to develop new services in order to increase local autonomy and economic power of the people in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Who counts on R.I.L.?

  • People with an average annual family income of 11,500$.
  • 2 out of 5 live alone.
  • People who mostly spend half or even 3/4 of their income on housing.
  • More than one third are one-parent families.
  • R.I.L receives over 20 new requests for housing per month.
  • R.I.L. members contribute more than 4000 hours of volunteer work per year to help improve living conditions in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Who do we include?

The R.I.L. Board of Administration supervises Projet St-Charles / Comité Logement groups and the SOCAM.

The main objectives of the Projet St-Charles / Comité Logement are to (1) promote and defend renters’ rights, (2) bring together families waiting for social housing and (3) promote new social housing projects in the area.

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